branding concept

Enjoi is a skateboard company based out of Los Angeles that sells skateboards, parts, apparel and relateed accessories. They have been a major player in skateboarding since 2000. Their current brand is very kid friendly and simple.This rebrand takes their signature logo and simplistic branding and turns it on its head. The new aesthetic of enjoi brings hardcore culture back to skateboarding both in execution and subject material. The new branding is built upon black and white images that create a jumbled, grunge scrapbook style. Imagery of the new enjoi takes inspiration from the grey areas of what people generally think is acceptable. The imagery showcases a moral exploration which is common among the skateboarding community.


Fader Magazine is a music-oriented magazine that specializes in covering underground artists and upcoming sensations. They have articles about trends in music, fashion, and artists. Often times they make unique articles and video content. This rebrand is an updated look for a fashionable and respected underground music magazine. The logo is a faded bitmap wordmark that not only calls to the multiple associations with the word “fader” but also is makes a connection with the abundance of digital technology present in today’s music and art. For my features I used an iconic fader article about Drain Gang’s Bladee, and for the cover I used Yung Lean who often collaborates with Bladee. The design of this editorial is reminiscent of a myspace era, digital teenage diary which compliments the themes present in Bladee’s music and the Q&A style article.

Currency Design

The dollar is the driving force of an economy. They are used to purchase goods and services in our society. As corporations and advertisements have advanced however, they have done everything in their power to keep customers hooked on their products.  The design for these dollar bills is based off of bright in-your-face advertising that constantly chips away at your attention, especially common in modern and cyber cityscapes. Present are themes of awareness for what we indulge in as a society and how severe advertising and marketing is in America. The bright colors and soft bouncy text are calming and satiate the viewer. The facts on the dollar bills represent ways that consumer culture harms us.

Motion Piece

Unfortunate Facts is a motion piece about the mellow trials and woes I have faced since birth. A somewhat sarcastic piece, this motion is more an exercise in film composition, abstract form and color, and about ways of displaying type. The type was all done frame-by-frame and handwritten by me. I overlayed this on film and imagery which is symbolic of the subjects at hand. Another important element to this piece is how the music interacts with the imagery at hand. The song is a slowed down version of Franz Liszt’s Un Sospiro and the combination of these elements and the music add an eerie tone. The final fact is humorous yet truthful.

motion reel

myths and legends day 2023